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1.Q; I applied the reticle but now my scope is not clear when I look thru
2. Q: How do I remove the a reticle to replace it.

3. Q: I cleaned the lens but the reticle will not stick.
4. Q: I am still having problem getting the reticle to stick.

5. Q: My dot is not centered, it was not centered on arrival or I moved it
during application
6. Q: I wany to use a fiber for a center dot with a circle.
7. Q: I have an unusual scope configuration which make application
difficult. Any tips
8. Q: What color is best for what target.
9. Q: Why use an eye blind?
10. Q: What colors are available for the aiming reticles.

11. Q: I see many shooters have a bright ring on the back of their scope,
what is this for?
I cannot get my reticle to stick to the lens. This issues arises more often with later type of coatings on the lens. Even paint won't stick to some.


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