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About Gunstar

Gunstar Sighting Solutions is a subsidiary of Desert Hawk Creations and despite the name deals only in sighting solutions for archery sights, primarily scope aiming solutions. First introduced at the Las Vegas IndoorChampionships in 1995 wefeature Dots, Circles, Crosshairs and other specialty combinations. Designed specifically for archery competition buya veteran pro archer / former fighter pilot. This experience gives a unique insight into the requirements of different styles of competition, human vs equipment abilities/ weaknesses and sight design. We have designs specifically forIndoor Target, Field, FITA and 3D competition designed with target color, size and naturalmental aiming abilities accounted for. Former Customers include:

  • USAF
  • USN
  • Archery Across North America
  • Gold Tip Arrows
  • Victory Arrows
  • LP Archery Products
  • Toxonics
  • Bowman Accuriser
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Martin Archery
  • University of Florida
  • Nikon Optics
  • Sure Loc sights
  • to name a few....



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